Image sequences?



Does Razuna support image sequences?
If we try to upload an image sequence, using the standard uploader, it just creates one entry per image, instead of an image sequence.
For us this is really important because the artists need to check(play/scrub) the image sequences.
If this is not possible what if we upload a video (stored in Razuna) pointing to the image sequence? Is that possible?




Honestly, I don’t know what you mean with “image sequences”. You mean many
different variations of one image? If so, you can do that under “Additional
renditions”. Other than that please let us know in more details what you
require. Thanks.


By “image sequence” I mean a sequence of image files sorted by frame number. For example these files
would be part of the same image sequence (maybe a shot in a movie, or a clip of VFX, whatever).
The thing with image sequence is they are meant to be managed and viewed as a single element, a sequence. It makes no sense to edit or view only one frame of a sequence.
If you use python there is a very hepfull library called “pyseq” that could help you with the details.
So what we would like would be a new type “image sequence”. When you upload a group of files it could detect if the filenames are part of one or more image sequences and group them as a unique element.
Also the preview file could open a movie file automatically generated from the image sequence (sadly this is more complicated than it sounds, at least it should have an option to indicate framerate).
And if you want to have our artists here super happy then the video player should have scrubbing support, so they can move freely betwen frames in real time (probalby using opengl acceleration and precaching as many frames as possible in memory).


This would be incredible… ImageMagick supports it.


i believe something like a timelapse or burst shot photos would be classified as an image sequence.


looking at the convert utility that comes with ffmpeg it appears it has support for image sequences.

Image Sequence Operators:
  -append              append an image sequence
  -clut                apply a color lookup table to the image
  -coalesce            merge a sequence of images
  -combine             combine a sequence of images
  -compare             mathematically and visually annotate the difference between an image and its reconstruction
  -complex operator    perform complex mathematics on an image sequence
  -composite           composite image
  -crop geometry       cut out a rectangular region of the image
  -deconstruct         break down an image sequence into constituent parts
  -evaluate-sequence operator
                   evaluate an arithmetic, relational, or logical expression
  -flatten             flatten a sequence of images
  -fx expression       apply mathematical expression to an image channel(s)
  -hald-clut           apply a Hald color lookup table to the image
  -layers method       optimize, merge, or compare image layers
  -morph value         morph an image sequence
  -mosaic              create a mosaic from an image sequence
  -poly terms          build a polynomial from the image sequence and the corresponding
                   terms (coefficients and degree pairs).
  -print string        interpret string and print to console
  -process arguments   process the image with a custom image filter
  -separate            separate an image channel into a grayscale image
  -smush geometry      smush an image sequence together
  -write filename      write images to this file

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