How to move the asset directory to another drive


How to move the asset directory

By default you will find the default folder for storing your assets in the web root of Razuna. That is to say it is NOT in the web root your DAM web application of WEB application. It is located in the root folder of the Razuna application.

For security reasons you might want to move this folder out of your web root or want to locate it on a shared drive, Amazon S3 or network volume. Also, when you use domain locater (DNS record) like to point to your DAM application you will need to create a virtual directory.

Creating a virtual directory within Tomcat (the default standalone web server for Razuna) is easy. First of locate the file “server.xml” in the Tomcat/conf folder. Open it in a text editor.

Then look for the container. If you have not changed the default installation this is the “localhost” entry. In between the container add the following;

<Context path="/assets" docBase="absolutepathtodirectory" crossContext="false" debug="0" reloadable="false" />

Important to know
Please note, that when you call your Razuna installation with http://localhost:8080/razuna then your asset path will be “/razuna/assets”! Also, the “docBase” should point to the directory you moved the “assets folder”. This is a absolute path, on windows this should be “C:…” on Linux/MacOS X “/…”.

Network paths on Windows have to be used as “//” (enter your own ip of course)

Furthermore you need to adjust the path to the new asset directory in Razuna. Log on to the Razuna Administration and set the asset path for your host. Since each host can have a different asset path you have to change this per host. You will find the setting in the “General Settings / Digital Asset Management” view. Please refer to the screen shot.


Hello, I moved the asset folder in both the server xml file and the Tennant path via the web config, i restarted razuna and uploading of the assets works, however, the files cannot be downloaded afterward and the thumbnails do not show up. Deleting them from the recycle bin also does not work. I also notice that a copy of the uploaded asset files are in both the network path i specified as well as the C:\Razuna_Tomcat_1_9_5\tomcat\webapps\razuna\raz2\dam\incoming folder. Are there always going to be duplicates created like that?

Note if i just leave the original config alone and use the original C:\razuna… path everything works for that particular test tennant. Anyways, see below is what i have entered in my xml file in case i did not enter it correctly. And any help would is much appreciated as we are new to Razuna and if this works well for us we may consider the hosted version.

“…Context path=”/assets" docBase="//" crossContext=“false” debug=“0” reloadable=“false” />"