How to import old assets stored in AWS S3 into Razuna


I am new to Razuna and love the application.
I have connected my Razuna instance to an AWS S3 bucket and can upload assets to it.

But I will like to find out Howto, if it is possible, to import my old 3000 assets stored in an AWS S3 bucket into Razuna, so that it can be managed by it.

The assets are images which have been accumulated over the years

I am running Razuna 1.7 on Ubuntu 14 with a Mysql Database.



Thank you for your kind words. Very appreciated.

We have an option where you can hook up our S3 bucket, browse them and
import them into Razuna. To do so, simply add the AWS authentication into
Administration/Service Accounts. Once done, go to “Smart Folders” (on the
right drop down menu) and click on your bucket. This will load the files on
the right. To select simply use the mouse to select the files and import.

Hope this help.


Thanks for the response, I will try out that method, I did see it before but wondered if there was another way of importing the images because of the number of images i have to import in razuna. Also can the process can be automated?


Sorry, not at the moment.


I just imported some file and don’t see an issue. Maybe the connection to
Amazon was cut off? Can you try it again please?


It’s been a while patiently waiting for the new release of razuna; hoping will have a feature to automate the import, it doesn’t.

I’m still battling with importing my 3000 assets into razuna from S3 bucket.

I’ve able to mount my S3 bucket as a local drive and use “Add from Server” this worked for bit but stopped working, rebooted server etc but still not working; click on validate, the validation process doesn’t seem to be working any lony longer. Unfortunately, unable to import without the validation completed.

I’ve gone back to the smart tool option, is there a way of selecting all my images at once by doing a shift click of the last image in the bucket instead of clicking of images one after the other.


You can import your S3 assets easily under “Smart Folders”. To do so follow
these steps:

  1. Go to the Administration / Service Accounts.
  2. Enter your AWS credentials.
  3. On the right side under “Smart Folders” you will see your S3 bucket.
  4. Browse the bucket and select the ones you want to import (hint: you can
    use the mouse to select many at ones)

The 1.8 release won’t change this or added anything new to it :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your response


I successfully managed to import all my assets (about 2Tb) stored in AWS S3 bucket into razuna.

I installed S3Fs; this enabled me the ability to mount my AWS S3 bucket on my server.

I then used the “Add from server” within the Add Files menu:

  1. Added the local mount point of the S3 bucket.
  2. Validate
  3. Import from Path