How to group already uploaded pictures as renditions?



I am a beginner with Razuna. Currently we are in the evaluation process if Razuna gets our DAM.

We have couple of Pictures, which are showing all the same but just in different resolutions. We want to organize them as 1 Asset. Razuna offers therefore the Renditions.

How can i combine/group already uploaded files as renditions so that i get just 1 Asset?

I know that i can upload additional files as renditions under one Asset. But how does this work with already uploaded files? Do i have to download, delete and re-upload them? Or is there a better way?

Thank for help.
Greetings from Germany.


Hi there,

(I can speak and write German, but for the sake of the worldwide audience of Razuna, I keep this in English)

Great to hear that you are testing Razuna. Regarding your question, yes, additional renditions are one way of using it. Another option would be to use the collection or labels for that.

If you want to use the additional renditions, then there is (currently) no option to search for an existing file in the system and just add it. However, you could simply copy the URL of the file in Razuna and then add this as another link under additional renditions.

Hope this helps.


Hello Nitai,

i agree with staying on english language. So everybody can profit from our conversation.

Searching for other renditions is not needed. (And actually i wouldn’t know if this could be possible at all).

It is just to merge 2 or more assets into 1 asset. This functionality should be added, if not already existent. In the end you have just 1 set of Metadata and the additional files are then listet under renditions. If you have ever used Calibre (for managing e-books) you know what i mean.

So actually, if i stumble upon similar assets i do have to do the following manually:

  • download the additional assets
  • delete the additional assets from Razuna and Keep only the main asset
  • upload the files again as renditions in the main asset

Ok, works, but is lot of manual work and could/should be automated.


My answer was regarding your question here.

If the file does not already exist in Razuna, you can simply add them as additional renditions in the file itself and it will be grouped as one asset. You can add multiple renditions at once in the upload window.

There is currently no batch upload functionality for additional renditions. Well, there is, when you use the UPC functionality and then name the files according to a pattern (the UPC file convention).