How to enable backups


Hello, how can we create a backup of our razuna account. What will happen if there is a server crash or something else.




As this is your own server you have to take care of your backups.

Main thing to do is to backup your assets and database.

Hope this helps



This is my question. i found no option for this. Where is it?




As you have access to your own server YOU have to take care of it. Back up
your assets and back up your database. rsync and mysqdump…


Hello Nitai,

I am sorry but we never installed anything.
We are using the Razuna hosted version.
Our url is:
Maybe your hosted version provides us ‘our’ server but, I have no url / login information to it.
I can even not access my ‘account settings’
Please ask your sales department if you want more information (Jens Strandbygaard).





Please excuse, but the posts here are made the community edition section and not the hosted edition. Hence, I was under the impression that you are hosting your own server.

For the hosted edition, you do not need to back up any data yourself, as this is already done for you (this is part of the hosted service).

You can contact directly if there is an issue with your account.