How to download previous versions of Razuna


According to the upgrade guide I can’t jump directly from versions (1.4.7 - 1.7.X) and need to actually step up through various versions to reach the 1.7.X version. Question is – I can’t find any way to download those previous versions. All I can find is the latest one. I’m sure its hidden in plain sight but I can’t find it.


Wow, you are still on 1.4.7? You will be in for a major upgrade bump :slight_smile:

Actually, we don’t publish links to older versions, so you are forgiven.
However, it is easy to figure it out as the URL is always the same, i.e.,, etc.

Note: Please make sure you read EACH release notes, as we have changed the
upgrade path after 1.5.


Thanks for the help Nitai.