How to display Sub-Lables in their Parent Nodes?


I have created a hierachical tree structure with Lables.
For example:

  • Persons
    • Peter
    • Andy

Now, i have uploaded several pictures and labeled them to “Peter” and “Andy” accordingly. But not with “Persons” as this seems to be unnecessary, it is obvious by looking at the tree.

Within the subnodes everything shows up as expected. But in the parent it tells me that there is nothing to see.

How can i include the subnodes into their parents?

If i select “Persons” i want to see all Pictures from this node downwards to all his child nodes. So in this example it should not tell (0) but (2).

Is there a possibility to turn this on?

If not, it should be added as a customizing Feature for future versions of Razuna.


That’s not the way labels work and I doubt we will change this in a future version.

If you label an asset you want it to appear, e.g. in “Andy” and not in “Personen”. If you want everything to appear in “Personen” then there is no need to create any sub-labels in the first place.

Simply doesn’t make sense. Razuna has already way too many options and eventualities that we are looking to actually remove options, instead of adding more.


Well, following your thought it does not make sense to have a hierarchical structure with the Labels at all.

But i do not agree with that. I like the hierarchical structure. This is one Feature i was looking for.

I think, that it does make real sense.

  • yes it is correct, that there are no assets marked as “Personen”, but
  • If you collapse the node “Personen” it actually tells me that there are 0 Pictures in it, which is totally not true, as there are Pictures in the subnodes. So in the actual mode i would have to dig down the whole tree to see if there are any Pictures in the ending node.
  • Then there are Scenarios when i want to have all Pictures with “Andy” and others where i want to have all Pictures with People on it, no matter who is depicted. To get this, following your rule, i would have to tag all Pictures with “Personen” AND also with “Andy”. With a hierarchical structure of the Labels it wouldn’t be necessary. From the leaf you can always go down to the root. So tagging with “Andy” tells everything else. This would make tagging a lot more easier.

So having a hierarchical structure with the lables without using it’s functionality renders it useless. What do i have this for then? If you do not want to use the hierarchy then you can flatten this out and kill this feature at all. Then there would be only one Level of Labels. That would be consequent then.

As far as i understand, assets can only be grouped into 1 Folder. To group assets by other, additional criterias i have to use Labels. So in other way, Folders are the physical structure on how the files reside on the Diskdrive. To group, structure and organize my assets in a logic, theoretical way without duplicating the physical files i have to use lables. Or is there any other functionality in Razuna?

But it should be possible in the frontend for the enduser to toggle if subnodes are included or excluded. That would be perfect and i have seen this on other products - but they had other flaws.


Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. There is nothing wrong with the product or how it is architected.

You clearly are asking for a feature request, i.e. you want assets sub-labels to show in the parent label.

As mentioned, we have no plans to add this, unless someone comes forward and pays for the development of this feature. That’s how Razuna has grown and added features in the past.