How change Assets directory


Hi everybody, recenlty i installed Razuna in my company and y want to change the assets directory

First, i’m using Razuna and i have this features

Database in use mysql
Where are your assets local
Server Operating System Linux
Operating System Version 3.19.0-25-generic
CFML Product BlueDragon
CFML Version 8

i want to change the default directory of assets but i can’t do by the help page

i try to make symbolic links to every file and folder but isn’t work.

Anybody can give another solutions please.


There is non other solution than outlined in the Wiki. We are doing this
for years and it is working without any issues, i.e. you must have done
something wrong.

Please follow the steps to the letter. Also, when you say you created links
to every file and folder it doesn’t sound like you created the context path
in the server.xml.


Hi Nitai.

i try to change the assets directory and tomcat don’t show me problems… but when i try to upload a image or movie i can’t see the preview… can you help me with this please


You need to let Razuna know of the location as well. Go to the tenant
setting and enter the new path.


Hi Nitai.

when you say “Go to the tenant setting and enter the new path” it confuses me a bit.
Here is what i have under the Tenant Settings. I’m using Razuna 1.6.2

Razuna was installed in /Volumes/drive1/dam_server/tomcat/webapps/razuna/ on mac, i have moved it to /Volumes/drive2/dam_server/tomcat/webapps/razuna/ on the same mac, same proble as Daniel_Murillo above

i have read this article
and have done it.

my server.xml file

  <Context path="/razuna/assets" docBase="/Volumes/drive2/dam_server/tomcat/webapps/razuna/assets" crossContext="false" debug="0" reloadable="false" />

thank you for any suggestions.


Honeslt,y 1.6.2 is over 2 years back and I don’t recall where the setting
is. I would suggest you upgrade to 1.6.5 and to 1.7. We are close to
releasing 1.8 soon.


Hi Nitai,
Thank you for your suggestion.
I decided to install a new instance of razuna and connected it with mysql database, so far so god. Now, is there a way to import the DB from h2 to mysql?

many thanks!


Sure, easy thing to do.

While you are still connected to the H2 database, go to the backend admin
and do a backup. Then reset the database connection and you are in the
first time wizard again. Select advanced setup and when asked for data
select backup. You will then see the backup you created. Select and go.

Note: In case you have a large database in H2, this process might time out.
Make sure to give Tomcat itself around 6GB memory.