GIT access


Razuna GIT access

As of December 2011 GIT is the preferred versioning system and should be used instead of Subversion.

This development code can only be accessed via GIT. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of connecting to the Razuna GIT repository. This article assumes that you have GIT already installed and it only covers the most basic commands.

The Razuna GIT Repository Architecture

The basic idea of GIT is that the source code and revisions are kept in a repository on a server. Users connect to the repository by using a client program, which allows the user to check out, view, edit, patch, and commit changes to the source code files (only people with given permissions can commit changes).

The Razuna GIT repository is at We follow the Git-Flow architecture and thus the repository is setup in sections:

  • develop: contains the latest development code (this might break your code - do NOT use in production)
  • master: Always contains the latest released code
  • release branches: Contains single code fragments with added features (will eventually be merged into develop and removed)
    Furthermore, you can download the released code within the “TAGS”.

Checking out of the Razuna code

Once you have GIT installed, the first step you’ll need to do is to check out the code, which basically means that you will download a version from the repository to your computer. To do this, navigate to the directory you want to checkout Razuna and issue the following command:

git clone

The result will be that the directory is filled with all of the needed Razuna files. The clone will include the latest development branch (master), any other development branches and all official releases (as tags).

Updating to the latest Razuna code

If you would like to update to the latest version now available, use the “pull” command, after first changing to the directory where you checked out the code originally:

git pull

:information_source: Update Tenants
Additionally to pulli:information_source:ng the latest code from GIT you will need to update your tenants/hosts. Please see Activate hosts with new settings

:exclamation: After each pull you need to hit your Administration at http://localhost:8080/razuna/admin as we might have done some updates and the update script needs to run!