Get File Size before Download from razuna server


I am trying to download a media file in my casparcg server from razuna . file successfully downloaded but now i m trying to get file size before download from razuna server .
How can i do that ??

please help


I’m not sure what exactly you are asking as the file size is being shown in
the file dialog. When you download a file the size is also show…


Hello ,
Thank you for your reply . I am using python to download file from razuna
server . But before starting download i want to see the content length .
Thats all …

Thank you

Error response while call method=getasset

If you are using the API for it, the size is supplied in the data load.


Which API i should use ??


I don’t know your installation or where you use Razuna but every
installation comes with an API. Please see our wiki.


Hello nitai ,

hope you are well . i have successfully used getasset api to get media file
information from razuna server . but when i made a new tenant and trying to
get media file information again the api givinng some another result like
this : .


how can i get media file information in my new tenant ??
plz help


Each tenant has its own users with API key. Hence, make sure to use another
API key for the new host.


Thnx . Now itz working perfectly .
another thing to know . How to upgrade razuna from 1.7 to 1.9
and what is the difference between razuna search server and razuna stand
alone server ?


Our upgrade guide is on the Wiki. You need the search server as it is part
of Razuna.