FR: Optimizing jpg renditions in size



I’m looking forward to see Razuna 2.0.
However, my feature request is to optimize the renditions jpgs sizes in that upcoming version.

According to Googles recommendation in “Page Speed Insight” (see here: ) I’d suggest to implement “jpegoptim” and other mentioned optimizing tools.

We implemented it as daily cronjob atm

0 4 * * * find /path/to/razuna/assets/ -mtime -1 -type f -name “*.jpg” -exec jpegoptim -m76 --strip-all -p -t -T10 {} ;

It saves up to 98% of the file sizes. Sounds a lot? Well, just try for yourself. The mean average saving ratio is 87% for us, which means a lot of GB for us! Furthermore, it saves bandwidth and makes websites loading fast with embedded pictures from Razuna servers - without having visual disadvantages!

imagemagick isn’t made for optimizing jpeg images, so jpegoptim (and others) could be a great addition.
Please consider this for upcoming versions!


Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider about this.