Folder with no name


Hi all,
I see that someone encounter a problem with the folder names that didn’t show on the panel.

I have the same issue with a Razuna 1.9.6 with CentOS and MySQL.

What i see is that if i create manually the subfolder i see the name but if i upload a zip file it didn’t show me the name.
But the name is showed on the left folder tree like showed in the pic!

I checked the script that recall the name of the folder (/opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/global/host/dam/views/ajaxparts/dsp_folder_content.cfm) and seems to be the same of the older razuna.

If i change the variable #folder_name#, that i think is parsed from some engine that take the data from the db, i see the name i set instead of the variable.

Checking the database i see that i have 2 tables :


I see that in the first table there are all the folder created (manually and via .zip file) but in the second one i see just the manually added.

I have searched a lot a way to show the correct name on the folder but i don’t find a solution.

The only workaround seems to work is to populate the second table with the folder_ID and the name of the folder.

I don’t know if this is a bug of the new version or a problem with the database setting (I’ve tried 3 times to recreate the razuna istance, always met this issue)

Maybe someone met the error and fix it? Maybe this could help some one to find a solution i’ll try to correct the issue , maybe ill try to install Razuna on Windows and check if i met the same problem.



i have insert on MYSQL:

CREATE TRIGGER TRG_Folders_Insert AFTER INSERT ON razuna.raz1_folders
After the TriggerQuery i disable on razuna\global\cfc\folders.cfc the query of manual creation the folder at row 1303, because with the trigger i add on mysql if you create manually the folder it will duplicate the data entry.

NOTE: This will works just on Razuna with one host, because i set it manually in the query (check your host ID) and im still testing if some other things break down. Do it at your risk as i do.

I’m testing this but seems to works correctly.