Encoding in Folder names: UTF-8 supported?


I’m struggling with folder name in UTF-8 encoded languages.
English is ok, but Japanese will always be changed to ???
In the example below, the inserted string, in Japanese, is 会社のロゴ. I can save (update) the folder settings, but if I come back again, it is changed into ??? as you can see (or even if I switch tabs in the settings window).

Any hint?



Hi Bernard,

Thank you for making us aware of the issue. I just saw that the server “lost” it’s encoding.

I was just fixed and it will work now again.



Hi Nitai,
Thank you for your quick action.
The encoding is now preserved as expected in the settings.
However, whereas Japanese is selected in the language selector, still English is displayed.

In the URL below, “Logos” should show up as 会社のロゴ, but it yet shows “Logos”:

An idea?


Ah… this is/was a bug. It’s fixed now.

Thank you for letting us know. You are awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks a ton. Works as expected.
(it does not default to English, as before, should I leave the language fields blank: not a problem because I fill all languages anyway; just to point it out in case it is not the expected behavior)


Sorry for re-asking, what is not defaulting to English? What is the expected behavior?


For example, if Japanese was not populated, it would previously display the folder name in English (even though Japanese was selected in the language switch). Now, if I don’t fill it, the folder simply does not show up. But again, it is not a problem as I fill every translation (and I can repeat the English name in the the language fields if I don’t have or need a translation).

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Have you done something?
Now, I can see English only, even though Japanese and Chinese fields are populated.


No. All working. You can switch between languages and it shows. Can you clean your browser cache and try again?


Your screenshot should display Chinese as folder names, not English.
When I did it yesterday, the title under the folders would show the selected language. They now show, as per your screenshot, English only.
Example for the folder which title is Tools:


Ah, I see. It actually worked, but then got overwritten in the latest code change. Sorry about that. It’s working again.