Email Setup / Welcome Mail



when a new User gets its welcome email, the user just receives the following:

Username: $username$
Password: hidden

In the template we put $username" and “$password$”, the result can be seen above.
Seems to be a parser problem or?

Thanks in advance - Michael


Hi matzbach ,

I have take a test from our site to check welcome email.

Everything is ok with new user email welcome. No problem.

Please try to flush the database and template cache from Administration to see how.



Hi Huy,

I did, but still the username is not shown. The variable for the username is: $username$

Thanks Mike


Yes , the default variable for username is : $username$



But then we have a problem: I flashed the database, but still the welcome mail gets back with:

Hallo redknight,

hier kommen die Anmeldedaten für unser Bildarchiv.


Username: $username$
Password: hidden


Oh, this might be a translation issue. Switch to English and see if that
solves it.