Dropbox Authenticate account


Under the “Service Accounts” tab when I click on “Authenticate account” for Dropbox I get a blank screen that says “Waiting for (server name)”. It stays on that screen and never responds.


This is simply connecting to Dropbox. Make sure you allow access to Dropbox
from your Razuna server.


Does my Ubuntu Linux server need to have the Dropbox client installed?


No, you just need to allow access from Razuna to the Dropbox website.
Actually, you need to do this from the client side. So, simply go to the
service accounts. But since it did not work, I suspect there is some
firewall issue somewhere.


I’m getting the following error when I click on “Authenticate account”.


You need to allow your server to connect to db.razuna.com. Please make sure
this is doable.


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