Document Type (PDF/DOC) AWS S3 Direct Links


Hello, how is one able to get the AWS S3 direct link for Document items such as PDF’s within the Razuna GUI? This link is available for every other file type (audio, video, image), but is not available for the document or other types. Outside of accessing the database or API, is there some easy trick a non-technical end user to get this AWS link? Thank you.

Windows Server 2012R2
SQL Server 2014
AWS S3 Storage
Razuna Self-Hosted 1.8.2


Sorry, there is not. Looks like an oversight. Might enable it in a future


Just to provide an update, you can adjust the following file/logic.

*This fix applies to 1.8.2 (line numbers may have changed with newer versions):

Location: global\host\dam\views\ajaxparts
File: dsp_asset_files_detail.cfm
Line: 163 - Add new Line
New Line:
<input type="text" id="inputo#attributes.file_id#d" style="width:100%;" value="#qry_detail.detail.cloud_url_org#" />