Create rendition DPI problem



I’m using API to create rendition of the uploaded images. I have some problems with tif format. We use one application that needs to have all the images in JPG 24dpi format.

Here is my code:
$attr = “[[[“convert_to”,“jpg”],[“convert_width_jpg”,“400”],[“convert_height_jpg”,”"],[“convert_dpi_jpg”,“24”],[“convert_wm_jpg”,""]]]";
$result2 = $this->send_json($this->razuna_api_url . “asset.cfc?method=createrenditions&api_key=” . $this->razuna_api_key . “&assetid=” . $result[4] . “&assettype=img&convertdata=”. rawurlencode($attr));

So I pass in the $attr variable that I want to convert to JPG format, width should be 400px and dpi should be 24 dpi.

If my original image is in TIF format, is 1772x1772px and has 300dpi resolution, the result of created rendition is a JPG image 142x142px, 24dpi, not 400x400px and 24 dpi, as I have specified in the variable.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

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I have checked once again but it looks like that the problem is in image bit depth, not in dpi (resolution). Original is 40bit, I need to have 24bit image bit depth. How can I do this?

Thank you!


There is no option to change this in the current iteration of Razuna.