Conversion fails but works manually using ffmpeg


RM, MPG, MOV, MP4 and FLV fail on conversion of an uploaded video. The original video was an MP4 and then tried with an MOV as the source. All failed.

When I convert using ffmpeg manually on the command line, the conversions work fine. eg: ffmpeg -i /usr/local/razuna_tomcat_1_9_1/tomcat/webapps/razuna/assets/2/7A2B85043A1875067ED6/vid/8FE35454DCB948605C56576EF2F/10sec******eries.mp4 output.flv

No errors in catalina.out. Memory is fine. Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Email says: Your Video could not be converted to the format FLV. This can happen when the source video is rendered with codecs that our conversion engine cannot read/write.

Where should I be looking to see what’s failing?


During setup you were asked to enter the absolute path to your
ffmpeg library. Make sure that path is valid and works.


Yes, the path is valid and some of the conversions work. Only the ones
noted are the ones that fail. That’s what is confusing about it.
Especially since they work manually.

Is there any logging for the reason of the failure?


Is there a log file I can look at to see why a conversion might fail?


It seems that the file tomcat/webapps/razuna/global/cfc/videos.cfc is missing case statements for several format conversions that should work with FFMPEG.

In the <!-- FFMPEG: section, insert the following and restart the server:

                            <cfcase value="mp4">
                                    <cfset var theargument="-i #inputpath# -s #thewidth#x#theheight# -crf 18 -threads 2 -vcodec libx264 -acodec libfdk_aac -y #thispreviewvideo#">
                            <!--- FLV --->
                            <cfcase value="flv">
                                    <cfset var theargument="-i #inputpath# -s #thewidth#x#theheight# -crf 18 -threads 2 -y #thispreviewvideo#">
                            <!--- MOV --->
                            <cfcase value="mov">
                                    <cfset var theargument="-i #inputpath# -s #thewidth#x#theheight# -crf 18 -threads 2 -vcodec libx264 -acodec libfdk_aac -y #thispreviewvideo#">
                            <!--- MPG --->
                            <cfcase value="mpg">
                                    <cfset var theargument="-i #inputpath# -s #thewidth#x#theheight# -crf 18 -threads 2 -y #thispreviewvideo#">
                            <!--- RM --->
                            <cfcase value="rm">
                                    <cfset var theargument="-i #inputpath# -s #thewidth#x#theheight# -crf 18 -threads 2 -y #thispreviewvideo#">



If you are trying to help with development, then please ASK first before making assumptions. Furthermore, just quoting some code doesn’t help anyone without a line number, function and version of Razuna.

That said, a “case” statement always has a “default” case. The default case takes effect when other cases don’t. Hence, it works, as it has been the last eight years.

Your issue is with FFmpeg and how it has been compiled.


I apologize for jumping in with a solution that works for me, but I did ask about it and got no response when I asked for a way to troubleshoot what was happening. I’d be happy for a solution that didn’t involve changing the project source code.

My ffmpeg installation works from the command line and also works when adding case statements to handle those formats. I find it difficult to understand why a working ffmpeg install and the correct behavior with half of the file types would not work when it falls through to the default case. It just silently fails and doesn’t spawn any processes on the server.

Any further help understanding the workflow and how to fix it will be greatly appreciated.


Ok, we’ll look into it. We currently have a high volume of support tickets, so this might take a while.


Hi, we have the same problem, have you news about that?

thank you


Did you upgrade to 1.9.5?