Change DB from H2 (default) to MySQL


Hi all,
I’m trying to configure CentOS with NGINX to use MySQL database instead of H2 Db.

I have installed MySQL and tested, I’ve create the Database razuna following the guide:

After this I go on Razuna/admin trying to set Custom Installation and select mysql.
All works good and if i try to check connection on database razuna says:

We could successfully connect to your database. Please continue.

P.S: I don’t know what insert on Database Schema, any tips?

After that I check all application paths (all ok ) and set System Administration Account and try to finalize Setup

It remains on loading…

I attach the error on /opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/WEB-INF/bluedragon/work/temp/rtelog


Many Thanks


UPDATE: It’s seems to be a SQL Query error:

CREATE TABLE mysql.raz1_cart ( CART_ID VARCHAR(200), USER_ID VARCHAR(100), CART_QUANTITY INT, CART_PRODUCT_ID VARCHAR(100), CART_CREATE_DATE DATE, CART_CREATE_TIME TIMESTAMP NULL, CART_CHANGE_DATE DATE, CART_CHANGE_TIME TIMESTAMP NULL, CART_FILE_TYPE VARCHAR(5), cart_order_email varchar(150), cart_order_message varchar(2000), cart_order_done varchar(1), cart_order_date TIMESTAMP NULL, cart_order_user_r VARCHAR(100), cart_order_artofimage LONGTEXT, cart_order_artofvideo LONGTEXT, cart_order_artofaudio LONGTEXT, cart_order_artoffile LONGTEXT, HOST_ID INT, KEY raz1_cart_id (CART_ID), KEY raz1_cart_user (USER_ID), KEY raz1_cart_done (cart_order_done), KEY raz1_cart_user_r (cart_order_user_r), UNIQUE KEY idx_raz1_cart_CART_PRODUCT_ID_HOST_ID (CART_ID, CART_PRODUCT_ID, HOST_ID), ) ENGINE=InnoDB CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;

If i try a formatter online


Can I launch the query via sqlcli?



You can see the error of the additional “,” before the “engine” part. This has already been reported on this forum.


Thank you Nitai for your answer, I’m still trying to find the previous report on this error

I have find this :

I have tried to remove ; and to manually input the query using mysqlcli and it accept it but if i go to /razuna/admin it still ask me which db configuration i have and the configuration doesn’t end correctly.

Some tips on it?



Reset the application and re-run the first time wizard. Not much else we can do on this without a support subscription.