Change backups directory - Backup retention


Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask if there is a way to change the default directory on which the RAZUNA backups are stored.

At the moment the C: drive is being used, but the size of it is limited. I’d like to change the path to D: or any other drive with more capacity. Is it possible? I’ve found no option of it in the admin panel.

Also is there a way to apply backup retention? We’d like to keep only the daily backups of the last 2 months for example.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Razuna 1.7
mysql 5.5 community server
apache-tomcat-7.0.64 (installed as a service)
windows server 2008 R2


Hi lephleg ,

I think the best solution for your case is do copy the big backup files (in monthly) to another drive to save and backup is better than to change the path from C : to D: .

Hope this helps.



All the backups are stored in a single file at the moment named razuna_backup.h2, which is increasing in size day by day after the new daily backups are added. Should I move this file manually?

So If I understood you correctly, there is no way to configure RAZUNA to change its backup directory after the initial installation? It has to be reinstalled?



Two things:

  1. I see that you are using MySQL. Hence, de-activate the internal backup
    and do backup with MySQL. the internal backup is of no use when you use
    MySQL and just fills up space. MySQLdump and a script is much more

  2. If you really want to use the internal backup, you can simply map the
    path from admin/backup to another drive.


Thank you both for the replies.

For the time being I’ll manually move the razuna_backup.h2 file to D: and maybe set up a scheduler for this to be done automatically.


@Nitai I’ve tried to implement the mysqldump scenario and seems to be working fine.

However, what about the assets in this case? Are they stored in the database too or I’ll have to manually backup the assets directory too?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that the internal backup also included the assets directory.

Thanks in advance


Assets are stored on the file system. They have never been backed up (we
state that on the backup site). Please store a backup of your assets


Thanks for your advice, If I use MySQL and MySQLdump to backup, I want to migrate the database from one Razuna to another, how to operate specifically?Where to place the backup sql file, and how to restore? Thank you in advance.