CFML Runtime Error General SQL Error

Hi all,
I’m encountering this error on my SelfHosted Razuna 1.9.5
When i try to open a DAM via web:

Oops, something really strange happened here. Please copy the error message below and send it to your administrator who will help resolve the problem. Thank you.
General SQL Error

Searching here for an help to solve this issue i found the log file on

the VM is ok i have enought disk space.
I have already tried to restart my vm several times.

Any tips?
I’m restoring to yesterday’s backup


Did you change something, as this looks like an internal Java error?

Thanks Nitai,
Nope, :tired_face:
I did not change anything, this morning I managed to solve the slow upload problem
(it was a network problem on the remote disk).

the server still working for 3 -4 hour…
I can see Tomcat WEB Gui and open it but not Razuna.

There is some log or file that i can check?
I have a clone of Razuna, maybe something i can copy to avoid the restore?


Now when i try to open it i see this error:

file: /opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/package.json; /opt/razuna/tomcat/webapps/razuna/package.json (Too many open files)


This is a common Linux issue. Look into increasing the ulimit of your installation. Do a “ilimit -a” to see the current limit and then increase it (there are a lot of blog posts about it on the net)

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Hi Nitai,
thanks for your help, i have set it on 9000 for now and after a restart it works