Can't Import LDAP Users

Created a new 1.8.6 server and configured LDAP authentication. Was able to Import some users a few days ago but, now when I try to import users nothing happens at all. Checked the logs and its reporting: Query Error: NULL not allowed for column “USER_PASS”.

Being curious, I set up a completely new instance of razuna and it gave me the same results. Tried different usres, different domain controllers and different browsers. Is there something I’m missing or something I messed up?

Hi Joseph_Guerra,

LDAP is quite specific to every organization. As we have many customers
using it, we know that it works.

Check on and on this forum for further help.

May I know about the OS? and Java version? … Please try to clear the web cookies and template cache from Razuna then try again.

Hi, this is on a RHEL 7 server and the java version is openjdk v.1.8.0_101

Clearing the cache and the cookies did not help.

Not sure what happening from your site , as you described that you were able to import users few days ago but then can not do it.

Please try to re-config the LDAP Server Details to see how.

I have the exact same issue.

Please note the “AD Server Users List” pop-up page works and is fully populated.

When a user is selected for import and “Save” is pressed:

  • no error message appears on the screen.
  • the user is not imported
  • the error log shows the NULL not allowed for user password sql error described in the previous comments.

Please note: I’ve been monitoring my host’s network connection for ldap transactions and see the queries that generate the “AD Server Users List” dialog. No further queries are produced when attempting to import a user.

This appears to be a database not LDAP error to me. We are still in evaluation and are using the embedded H2 database. We’re using razuna version 1.8.6.

Can you please switch to MySQL and see if the issue persist? H2 shouldn’t
be used (in our case) for production. Thank you.

Identical configuration that fails with H2 works with MySQL.


I’d like to add that I just ran into this exact same problem while I was working on getting the system up. Once I switched over to MySQL, the problem disappeared and I can now import LDAP users. Looks like it’s a problem with the H2 db.

Hi ddog800,

I have run into same issue, can you tell me where to configure mysql settings instead of embedded DB?
I hv mysql DB up and running.


Okay got this done via custom installation at console startup.


I am having this same problem. I was on the embedded database and just moved to MySQL (restoring from backup). I’m still getting the error: “Query Error: NULL not allowed for column “USER_PASS”;”

We are on Razuna 1.9

I suggest to reimport your users again and see if that fixes it. The issue is that the password column value is not passed in.

We tried changing DBs to MySQL, which didn’t fix the problem. We tried to delete users and re-import them, which did not work. I finally did a fresh install with MySQL (without ever touching the original embedded DB), and we’re good on LDAP now. Thanks!