Cannot download original files?

I have a problem in Razuna. It is not possible to download original files. Created Renditions work, and so we didn’t notice this when setting up Razuna and have quite a few files in there now. Recently we started adding pdf and doc files, and noticed that download is not possible. We then noticed, that the same is true for the original version of images.
Since razuna is proxied trough apache, I tested all of that using localhost:8080, to make sure it’s no proxy problem:

If I get a rendition of a image, it looks like this: (all links because I couldn’t get the forum here to show the html as code)

I can then get the image and it’s a image file like it should:

If I do that with a link to an original file: (I can only add two links, so please copy&paste the URL)

As you can see, the link is totally wrong. It is not even inside the /razuna/ path.
I will get an 404 error.

For a PDF it’s almost the same:

Except that there is no HTML created.

Strange is, that the correct size is in the header but then Tomcat can’t find the file and delivers a 404 HTML.

Is there any setting I missed?

Since I do not know your set up and how you configured your server, it is
difficult to say what is going on. However, downloading the original is
always available (unless in a shared folder or widget where one can control
downloading of the original file). Otherwise there is no setting to prevent