Cannot create renditions on existing MP4 files


I have installed Self-Hosted Version 1.9.5 on Windows 10 and everything seems to be working OK except I cannot create new renditions on MP4 files already uploaded. I do get the green line of text telling me it is converting but I get no other messages, errors, entries in log, etc.

I followed the instructions from the Razuna website for installing on Windows. An interesting twist is that I can run ffmpeg from the command line and convert files fine. Also, it is interesting that I can create a rendition if I use a rendition template when I am uploading. I just can’t do a rendition on a file once it is uploaded.


We just tested this on Linux and Windows Server 2016 and it works. I don’t think we will invest into looking why it doesn’t work for Windows 10 as this is a not a server operating system.