Can this be done with razuna?


I’m from a printing company with a designing team or 10-20 personnel. We deal with alot of digital files and have huge volume of infor transferred between the designers/sales/customer. I’m looking to manage this and would like to clearify a few things:

  1. Can we control at user levels to email our files by default in pdf with watermark? Any origianl/ without watermark images to get approval?
    2)Can we include custom field that will appear when we email the image file?
  2. Can we get some workflow build into the files such as approval levels?
  3. Can we include a management software to track my artwork etc?

Any software engineer that could help me in achieving above? Please PM me. Thanks.



A lot of things are possible with our API together with the workflow plugin. I suggest to setup a web session with us so we can answer your questions better.

Please contact us at to schedule a session.