Can not upload with API2


I want to use the upload api in my progress, but when i test it with the example you give in api doc, there is always something wrong.
1.when i use an administrator’s api key to upload, it always return “the folder not existing”
2.when i use an ordinary api key to upload ,it always return “Login not valid”
Here is my code

form action=“http://:8080/razuna/raz1/dam/index.cfm” name=“up” method=“post” enctype=“multipart/form-data”>
input type=“hidden” name=“fa” value=“c.apiupload”>
input type=“hidden” name=“api_key” value=“B30FECA**************4FD5015C”>
input type=“hidden” name=“destfolderid” value=“My Folder”>

input type=“file” name=“filedata”>

input type=“submit” value=“send it”>

i remove all the ‘<’ for show. thank you for any reply!


Not much to do as literally thousands of developers use the upload API
daily and it hasn’t changed for years.

  1. Make sure you have a API key of a user that is allowed to upload.
  2. Enter the folder id (not “my folder”)


thank you ,you are right, i enter a wrong folder id