Broken images in folder subscription generated e-mails


The e-mails that are generated for folder subscriptions are sent out using the local server URL instead of the custom sub-domain that we established in Tomcat/NGINX. This is fine for the internal users who are on the same network as the server, but bad for the external users who are members of other companies or organizations. All they see are broken images and links that do not work when clicked. I’m assuming this behavior is by default. Is there some way I can manipulate the e-mail template so that it is using the full sub-domain URL for the image tags and asset links (i.e., which file would need to be modified)? And, second, can I suggest an option in a future release of Razuna where we can input the canonical URL in an admin setting somewhere that would correct or modify the links added to the e-mail?



They should automatically resolve to the URL of the server.

We have this already on our RoadMap. Thank you.