Batch operations questions


Hello everyone,

My users have some questions which I’d like to forward to you, cause there are not clear to me either:

  1. It is not possible to use batch to more than 5-6 photographs, e.g when we want to add the same keyword to 20 photos, it just adds it to 5-6.

  2. Is it possible to delete keywords on a group of photos?



Hi lephleg ,

1 , It is possible to use batch to more than 5-6 photos.

2, It is possible to delete keywords on a group of photos.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the reply,

I can confirm that [1] is not the case. I was successful in batching 20 or more images.

Regarding the [2] however, how is this possible?

I can only find “New values will replace or append to existing records”. This will overwrite any existing keywords, right?


Hi lephleg ,

Regarding the [2] , you can choose the replace option and leave the keyword field is blank , then the system will clear the current keywords of the photos.

Hope this helps.


So if I have three images:

  1. Image one - Keywords: old_lady, village
  2. Image two - Keywords: village
  3. Image three - Keywords: dog, village

and I want to remove “village” from all of them. Is this possible without removing “old_lady” or “dog”?


At the moment , we do not support this function as your description above , as the batch just perform the replace or append to existing records.

You can export the metadata of these images and edit the keywords then re-import is also the good way to edit the images have different keywords.

Hope this helps.