Backup / Export Razuna with many errors


I recognized, that the backup functionality throws a lot of errors when using mysql.
The most errors are because the naming of the tables are wrong (UPPERCASE instead of lowercase). See this:

Error on table “raz1_errors”!
Database reported: Tabelle “RAZ1_ERRORS” nicht gefunden
Table “RAZ1_ERRORS” not found; SQL statement:
INSERT INTO b860ff34ad32c4d4280ff2d3227f255d5.raz1_errors
(err_date, err_header, err_text, host_id, id, )
VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,) [42102-191]


Error on table “raz1_folders”!
Error on table “raz1_folders_desc”!
Error on table “raz1_log_folders”!
Error on table “raz1_log_users”!
Error on table “tools”!
Error on table “users”!
Error on table “wisdom”!

Please keep in mind: I’m using a very plain install, no changes made on these backup scripts.

I also had problems to restore that backup(s) fwhile migratring from 1.8x to 1.8.2 - espacially the “users” have problems later on - no login possible anymore.

My question now:

  • Are you aware of these problems?
  • Is it possible, that these are not problems? If true, why they appear so often?
  • Is it possible to verify the backups of consistency?
  • Is it a big difference using mysql dumps as backup instead of using razunas internal backups?


Don’t use the internal backup functionality for MySQL. Simply use MySQLdump.


Hi, Nitai, I want to use MySQLdump to backup the database, and I want to install a new Razuna server instance and migrate the old data to the new server, What is the process?


How to dump:

How to copy back into new db:

Hopefully the backup and restore command will be implemented into Razuna 2, which will be released hopefully within the next 3 years :wink:


Thanks Sushimaster, I know the dump backup and restore command, but when I install a new Razuna, the admin page is below.

  1. I click the “Custom Installation” button, and config the database connect parameters. I checked the connect and prompt “We could successfully connect to your database. Please continue”.
  2. click the continue button,the next page is below,

    3.If I should choose the Restore from Backup button? but the next page is below, there are no backup to restore.


Install as new database, when finished copy that one as backup (as fresh install tables) and afterwards restore the old db over it.


Thank you, I succeeded according to your operation.

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