Aws s3 end point name

I’ve been having problems for a long time now. I’ve updated to the lastest version of razuna via git, but I’m getting errors in the logs for the s3 endpoint.

From my testing is looks like the endpoint is not being declared properly and should be

Any ideas?

Error in function amazon.upload
detail Explanation: Moved Permanently; Status Code: 301; Filecontent: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> PermanentRedirectThe bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint.reeldamreeldam.s3.amazonaws.com3D072567DAA59B02FYl34PwT2lfMNTYYIFtF6DMHP7CbXP3fBAMZ3N9mD+pZm1SIUsZCyclDworQrEH1
errorcode [empty string]
extendedinfo [empty string]
line 327
message AWS file %2F557DE865AA9C417DA9E062505713114D%2Fvid%2FD45249198BB9493A860DAD727B1C92E8%2FMVI%5F2069%2Emp4 was not uploaded successfully

Your assumption is wrong and many deployments proof that S3 works with the
way we do it.

It looks to me that your S3 setup is not correct. Make sure you use the
proper AWS Credentials and also the proper region. Then go to your host
settings and provide the right bucket in that region.

If your region and bucket is set to different regions then it doesn’t work.

The regions, bucket name and keys have all been verified in the admin and
tenant admin settings. Test connection also works. All of my files -
.mp3, .mov. jpg, .png all upload and become broken.

Is this a directory permission issue on the volume?

Tomcat restart fixed :slight_smile: