Asset Organization


I am looking for a little guidance on new project.

Is there a guide for the best way to organize assets? I need to tie model releases to images and the like.
Is there an easy linking for this?


Hi cbiitterfield ,

Here is the Razuna wiki.

Please see this link for your reference :

Hope this helps.



There are many options how to tag and work with images in Razuna. Once is the folder structure, but you have more flexibility with labels. In addition, you can also leverage custom fields to further tag your files.

We have yet to see a client not being able to manage his assets with Razuna as folders, collections, labels, metadata, and custom fields give you all the flexibility you need for your projects.

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I was looking for maybe some use cases?

The documentation is kinda light and it took me a while to get the server running.


My company does consultation and such for all kinds of customers.



What ballpark are we looking to get the framework setup?

This would be a standalone server and the media assets are around 100-150TB currently. Ranging from JPG,TIFF and MPG(Video) formats.

The issue is the organization and importation of all of the various forms of Meta data relating to the assets. The data is “all over the place” and needs to be ingested properly.




Best is to contact us at so we can get in touch with you and discuss this in more detail.


I sent you an email.