Approval questions/problems/bugs?


I have a few problems related to the new approval feature:

  1. I haven’t enabled the approval feature, but still have to approve the documents I upload. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?

  2. Why can I see a huge amount of other users documents waiting for approval? The users are not registred to our account! Should only be documents related to our account, right !?

  3. What do I do, when I have a document stuck in the approval process? I have approved it but it says that it waits for other users to approve it and as I can’t delete it I can’t re-upload it because of duplicate-detection.

Looking forward hearing from you - thanks!



Due to a bug in the recently released approval process, files were
uploaded, but did not show in the designated folder (as they were held up
in the approval process).

We now issued a fix for this and also released all your previous uploaded
files into the folders. You should find your uploads now available within

I apologise for the issue and the issue this has caused.



Thanks Nitai – all three issues now seems to work :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thank you for the feedback.