API Key failure



since yesterday evening razuna does not deliver pictures to our magento store. We have no error message. Is this a failure of the API Key and what can we do?

Regard Mike


Hi Matzbach ,

We will check and let you know soon.



You only know if there is an error or not as the API request will return a status message. Your code should check the status and act accordingly.

Furthermore, please be aware of the rate limit. We’ve seen many people “abuse” the API and many requests are automatically being throttled.


Hello - what and where can I check the rate limit? It is the first time, that I notice this.

Actually I get the information, that not all keys / tags are delivered by the API call. Did you update the API recently?



Rate limits are automatically applied. Needless to say that 20 API calls in a second are being limited. Just imagine if every customer would do that… (I’m not saying you do, this is just an example).

What “information” do you get that not all “tags and keys” are delivered? What are tags and keys?