Advanced search- searchfor and datecreaterange are not working together


advanced search -search for and datecreaterange are working separately,but not working together.

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Please provide a use case so we can try to replicate it. Thank you.


Working: http://localhost:8080/razuna/global/api2/search.cfc?method=searchassets&folderid=B0C4F900E6AD4DCE9EED0169A4F0319D&searchfor=*&api_key=DD3D4AB500944231BDE2F860860B6F1D&datecreaterange=20180805 TO 20180806&__BDQUERYFORMAT=column

Not working: http://localhost:8080/razuna/global/api2/search.cfc?method=searchassets&folderid=B0C4F900E6AD4DCE9EED0169A4F0319D&searchfor=tshirt&api_key=DD3D4AB500944231BDE2F860860B6F1D&datecreaterange=20180805 TO 20180806&__BDQUERYFORMAT=column

We have two assets in razuna with keywords tshirt,when we are searching searchfor=* and date create range ,its working fine. in result we are getting 2 assets.

But in case: searchfor=tshirt and datecreaterange its not working.


Depending of the files, the value “tshirt” might not be searchable. For example, “tshirt108” will not be found with this. You would need to use “tshirt*”, etc.