AD / Razuna Password not sync


hi, i am linking Razuna to my AD.

i can sign in to razuna with my AD login and password but once i change my AD password. Razuna does not update it with my new password. i need to sign in to razuna with my old password instead.

is it how it is design to behave like this?


We import users from AD. We do not create a “live connection”. If you
change password in AD you need to re-import again. This is outlined at


oh. i see. i must have missed that part.thanks for clarifying


Is there any way to schedule an import on a nightly basis? In our AD environment we have to change passwords on a regular basis and this would greatly help reduce the maintenance overhead an admin would have to partake on.


Hi ahefner ,

Razuna does not support to schedule an import on a nightly basis as you wish , therefore you will need to re-import again after change the passwords from AD.

Hope this helps.



In addition, please check the API.


Just an FYI I was able to change my AD password and Razuna required my new password next time I logged in.


hi ahefner

how do you do that? are u using the self hosted edition?


Im on the self hosted platform and running 1.9.1

I’ll do a few more tests and I’ll look to see if I can find out how it happened.


Could a person use the Scheduled Task and LDAP Server option to keep the system synced up?

Also could someone explain what this task is used for?


The documentation says it all:

…once users are imported Razuna does not automatically keep the
information in sync with the LDAP/AD server


but if you scheduled the import to run daily wouldn’t that resync the AD users each time it ran?


I have changed my password several times now and haven’t had to reimport. Please note that I am self hosted. Maybe that is the difference.